CDRF Recipients (FY20)

Recipients of Cross-Disciplinary Research Fund awards in FY20

Principal Investigators Project Title Departments

Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Mona Atia

Are the poor most likely to die? Spatial patterns of excess mortality and poverty following natural disasters

Global Health; Geography

Amira Roess, Mona Atia

Emergence and transmission of Middle East Respiratory-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

Global Health, Geography

Katherine Chiappinelli, Rohan Fernandes

Reversing immune evasion in ovarian cancer through nanoparticle-directed epigenetic modification

Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine; Medicine

Hui Lu, Chen Zheng

Cracking the neural code of anxiety with in vivo deep brain imaging in freely behaving mice

Pharmacology & Physiology; Physics

Elizabeth Tuckwiller, Olga Price

A mixed methods exploration of a grounded theory of educational wellbeing

Secondary Special Education & Transition Services; Prevention & Community Health

Max Alekseyev, Courtney Smith

Computational methods for improving assembly and snalysis of genes within repetitive DNA regions

Mathematics; Biological Sciences

Melissa Napolitano, Loretta DiPietro

Examining appetite regulation in weight loss treatment responders versus non-responders

Prevention & Community Health; Exercise & Nutrition Sciences

Robert Orttung, Donna Attanasio

Building GW leadership in disaster preparedness and response

Sustainable GW; Environmental Studies

James Hahn, Michele Mietus-Snyder

Predicting 3D body composition using optical surface scans

Computer Science; Pediatrics

Yonatan Lupu, Neil Johnson

Dynamic tracking of online hate groups

Political Science; Physics

Miguel Lejeune, Payman Dehghanian

Effective management of endogenous uncertainties in large-scale power grids

Decision Sciences; Electrical & Computer Engineering

Gina Adam, Igor Effimov

Memristors and neuromorphic networks for high definition bioelectric diagnostics and therapy

Electrical & Computer Engineering; Biomedical Engineering

Andrew Meltzer, Zhenyu Li

XDS health

Emergency Medicine; Biomedical Engineering

Melissa Batchelor-Murphy, Elizabeth Cobbs

Identifying correlations between resident characteristics and feeding assistance strategies on nursing home residents with dementia

Geriatrics; Medicine

Paul Marvar, Suzan Song

Assessment of cardioautonomic homeostasis in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Pharmacology & Physiology; Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences

Sabyasachi Sen, Paul Marvar

The role of satiety hormones and cardiometabolic disease risk in PTSD

Medicine; Physiology

Rachel Riedner, William Briscoe

Writing in physics

University Writing Program; Physics