CDRF Recipients (FY22)

Recipients of Cross-Disciplinary Research Fund awards in FY22

Principal Investigators Project Title Departments

David Braun, Chen Zeng

Expanding Computer Vision to Identify the Origins of Tool Use Anthropology; Physics
Michael Bukrinsky, Lawrence Rothblat Age and Gender Influence on HIV-Associated Cognitive Impairment Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine; Psychological & Brain Sciences
Jamie Cohen-Cole, Lynn Westwater The GW Humanities Center: Truth and Lies American Studies; Roman, German & Slavic Languages & Literatures
Leon Grayfer, Marcia Firmani An Amphibian Surrogate Model of Mycobacterial Immune Evasion Biological Sciences; Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
James Hahn, Homa Ahmadzia Prenatal Care Using Optical Body Scans Computer Science; Obstetrics and Gynecology
Shahriar (Shawn) Haji-Momenian, Murray Loew Radiogenomics of Prostate Cancer: Machine Learning Algorithms Predicting Prostate Cancer Genomics using MRI Images Radiology; Biomedical Engineering
John Hawdon, Damien O'Halloran Genetic Mechanism of Multidrug Resistance in the Canine Hookworm Ancylostoma Caninum Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine; Biological Sciences
Miguel Lejeune, Payman Dehghanian Equitable Pricing for Electricity under Endogenous Uncertainty Decision Sciences; Electrical & Computer Engineering
Xitong Liu, Stephen Boyes Anti-Fouling and Chlorine-Resistant Reverse Osmosis Membranes Enabled by Hydrophilic Aromatic Polyamide Brushes Civil & Environmental Engineering; Chemistry
Luyao Lu, Hui Lu Wireless Multifunctional All-Optical Modulation and Imaging Biointerfaces for In Vivo Behavioral Studies Biomedical Engineering; Pharmacology & Physiology
Hui Lu, Rahul Simha Bridging the Gap between Individual Neurons and Behavior: Studying Circuits in Rett Syndrome Pharmacology & Physiology; Computer Science
Robert Orttung, Omur Ozel Building Equity into GW's Sustainable Energy Research Sustainable GW; Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Mark Reeves, Tenagne Haile-Mariam Sick Buildings to Hygenic Buildings: Creating a Framework for Atmospheric Hygiene Physics; Emergency Medicine
Vladislav Sadtchenko, Tianshu Li Grain Boundary Dynamics in Polycrystalline Ice: Insights into Global Chemistry of Permafrost Chemistry; Civil & Environmental Engineering
Adam Smith, Saniya LeBlanc Dual-Land Use for Solar Eelectricity Generation: An Investigation of Pollinators on Solar Farms in the Mid-Atlantic Biological Sciences; Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Alexandros Tzatsos, Weiqun Peng Deciphering the High-Order Chromatin Organization in a Model of Pancreatic Cancer Progression Anatomy & Cell Biology; Physics
Lin Wang, Gina Adam Experimental Design and Kriging Modeling for Novel Nanoelectronic Devices and their Applications in AI Statistics; Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ami Zota, Tamara Taggart Advancing Black Women’s Health: Investigating the Biological Embodiment of Intersectional Discrimination Environmental & Occupational Health; Prevention & Community Health