COVID-19 Research Fund

GW scholars and researchers are stepping forward to dedicate their efforts and expertise to understanding COVID-19 and mitigating the impacts of the current pandemic. These new projects have the potential to prevent suffering, inform policy and responses to future outbreaks, and strengthen the resiliency of individuals and communities. Discovering and disseminating new knowledge for the public good is at the heart of GW’s mission. In support of that mission and our innovative research community, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research in collaboration with the Milken Institute School of Public Health and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences announces a new special funding opportunity, the COVID-19 Research Fund.

The goal of the COVID-19 Research Fund is to support as many high-impact projects as possible with the allocated funding. In anticipation of a high volume of proposals, we ask that applicants only request funding that cannot be secured elsewhere and that is critical to achieve the project’s objectives.


The goal of the COVID-19 Research Fund is to support new research projects and scholarly activities in the exploration and understanding of COVID-19 through the use of GW shared facilities and resources. Priority will be given to projects that result in applications to externally funded opportunities or bring external recognition to the PI and university. Funding will be focused on:
  • pilot projects that generate rapid preliminary data;
  • projects that engage multiple investigators who bring diverse expertise and resources;
  • projects that address aspects of telehealth;
  • projects that propose studies on the repurposing of existing drugs/therapies; and
  • projects that emphasize the use of GW’s core facilities and services.


To be eligible, faculty must be:
  1. Regular full-time university faculty who are continuing in service at the university the following academic year.
  2. Proposers from SMHS and GWSPH should have school-contributions to match or augment the requested funding. This does NOT have to be approved and documented prior to submission. Upon proposal review, OVPR will work with SMHS and GWSPH to identify school support.
Each application must have only one principal investigator (PI) listed who will be the sole contact for the application and/or award. A faculty member may submit only one proposal as the PI and may not designate another faculty member to serve as PI.
Patents and inventions may arise from work performed and must be disclosed to the university. For more information, consult the Technology Commercialization Office.
Please email [email protected] with any questions and include the words "COVID-19 Research Fund" in the e-mail's subject line.

Important Documents - COVID-19 Research Fund