Welcome to the new home of GW Cybersecurity Initiative.  Our goal is to bring together GW’s cybersecurity programs in an integrated and interdisciplinary approach.   We will be the “one stop shop” for “all things cyber” at GW, highlighting the best of GW programs, faculty, and students.  We will provide information on cybersecurity events at GW as well as accomplishments by the GW university-wide community in cooperation with private and government efforts.  For GW, this is about education, research, policy and technology – a multifaceted approach to a complex discipline.  

Cybersecurity has many facets; the Initiative will now focus on four key issues:

  • Providing a platform for interdisciplinary approaches to cybersecurity education, drawing on GW academic institutions and programs. An excellent example is the current World Executive MBA program in Cybersecurity
  • Active defense- the policy and research implications of deterring breaches before they occur.
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets – fostering research by faculty and practitioners to narrow legal gaps and develop policy recommendations for more robust protections.
  • Workforce Development – the Initiative has already begun work with the academic, government, and private sectors to ensure that this nation has a workforce that can meet the challenges of cyber security.

We want everyone in the GW community to feel welcome to offer your ideas, research, or thoughts on "GW Cyber."

Rhea Siers, Coordinator
GW Cybersecurity Initiative
[email protected]

Graduate Education Programs

Master of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management
Law enforcement, public safety and homeland security professionals depend more and more on information technology and a secure digital infrastructure. Consequently, the demand for strategic cybersecurity experts with the necessary understanding of policy and procedure is growing rapidly. Rise to the challenge and learn the mission-critical skills to secure your organization's infrastructure.

World Executive Master of Business Administration in Cybersecurity
This new degree, developed by the School of Business and the Homeland Security Policy Institute, is aimed at both public and private sector professionals who work in areas that range from policy and contracting, to privacy and data security. There also are plans to offer customized programs for corporate clients.

Master of Science in Cybersecurity in Computer Science
The new degree offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Science will be the first of its kind in D.C. Students will be trained to approach cybersecurity from a systems management mindset and will be able to make use of cybersecurity-related courses across GW.

Master of Laws in National Security Law
The degree is currently offered by the Law School and plans are underway to create within it a specialization in cybersecurity. Along with existing cybersecurity-related courses, such as “Law in Cyberspace,” the Law School plans to develop courses that address the confluence of cybersecurity and government contracts, historically one of the school’s strengths.

Doctor of Education in Human and Organizational Learning
A new cybersecurity-focused track is being added to the well-established, nearly 25-year-old degree from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. The courses—held one weekend per month—will provide technical professionals with the training in organizational leadership, research, and analysis needed to manage people and security-conscious organizations.

Scholarship Programs

GW CyberCorps: Information Assurance Scholarship for Service Program
GW is a founding member of CyberWatch, a consortium of universities and community colleges that share best practices, methodologies, curricula, course modules and materials, and provide faculty training and support in IA. GW facilitates efforts at these institutions to identify and encourage bright students who are graduating to expand their horizons beyond community college to GW, or beyond an undergraduate degree to a graduate degree related to CSIA at GW.


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