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Vice Provost for Research
Office of Sponsored Projects
Research Integrity and Compliance
Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Technology Commercialization Office
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Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Vice Provost for Research Pamela Norris  
Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research Gina Lohr 202-994-3884
Director of Operations and Projects Megan Dieleman 202-994-8401
Executive Administrative Associate Alicia Belo 202-994-6030
Project Coordinator Bakhtawar Mehdi  
Senior Data Analyst Bridgette Heine 202-994-9136
Applications Administrator Alice Pascalev 202-994-2298
Senior Communications Associate Shane Seger 202-994-8359
Research Enhancement Analyst Shari Thompson 202-994-7991
Program Coordinator, Postdoctoral Operations Alesya Pagel  

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Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)

Assistant Vice Provost, Sponsored Projects Sylvia Ezekilova 202-994-6076

Office of Sponsored Projects Staff List by Function

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Research Integrity and Compliance

Associate Vice President, Research Integrity Sheila Garrity 202-994-6255
Director, Research Integrity and Compliance Hiromi Sanders 202-994-0843
Executive Administrative Associate Tina Sanha' 202-994-6191

      Office of Animal Research / Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

  Attending Veterinarian Tia Bobo 202-994-9288
  Executive Coordinator Marissa Gigantana-Collado 202-994-2871

Office of Animal Research Website

IACUC Website

      Office of Laboratory Safety

  Lab Safety Officer & Biosafety Officer Mariel Jais, PharmD 202-994-8258

Office of Lab Safety Staff List

      Office of Human Research

  Interim Director Rebecca Eberle 202-994-5009

Office of Human Research Staff List

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Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Associate Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jim Chung 202-994-9135

Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Staff List

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Technology Commercialization Office

Executive Director Brian Coblitz 202-994-4345

Technology Commercialization Office Staff List

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Finance and Administration

Finance Director Iyanna Holmes 202-994-2220
Fiscal Coordinator Dorry Edwards 202-994-8295

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HR Client Partners

Human Resource Director Robyn Jones 202-836-0683

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