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Vice President for Research
Associate Vice President for Research
Research Enhancement
Office of Sponsored Projects
Research Integrity and Compliance  
Industry and Corporate Research
Finance and Administration
Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Technology Commercialization Office
HR Client Partners

School-, Institute- and Center-specific Sponsored Projects Staff


Office of the Vice President for Research

Vice President for Research Robert H. Miller, PhD  
Associate Vice President for Research Gina Lohr 202-994-3884
Business Intelligence Associate Anna Mansueto 202-994-9136

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Associate Vice President for Research

Associate Vice President for Research Gina Lohr 202-994-2995
Senior Project Manager Megan Dieleman 202-994-8401
Senior Communications and Outreach Associate Shane Seger 202-994-8359

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Research Enhancement Unit

Director Shandra White 202-994-3744
Research Enhancement Analyst Shari Thompson 202-994-7991

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Office of Sponsored Projects

Organizational Chart
Office of Sponsored Projects Staff by Function
Office of Sponsored Projects Staff by Portfolio


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Research Integrity and Compliance

Associate Vice President, Research Integrity Sheila Garrity 202-994-6255
Director, Research Integrity and Compliance Hiromi Sanders 202-994-0843
Administrative Coordinator Joyce Webster 202-994-7402


      Animal Research Facility - Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

  Director Mike Manion 202-994-2941
  Executive Coordinator Marissa Gigantana-Collado 202-994-2871
  IACUC Coordinator and Compliance Officer Bethany Rentz, RVT 202-994-5068


      Office of Laboratory Safety

  Lab Safety Officer & Biosafety Officer Mariel Jais, PharmD 202-994-8258
  Consultant Greg Smith 202-994-2630


      Office of Human Research

  Director Debra Paxton 202-994-2715
  IRB Analyst Temi Akinlabi-Oladimeji 202-994-4556
  IRB Analyst Prema Chaudhari 202-994-6530
  IRB Analyst Rebecca Eberle 202-994-5009
  Applications Administrator Nathan Oglesby 202-994-2715

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Office of Industry and Corporate Research

Assistant Vice President for Industry Research Tom Russo 202-994-7619

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Finance and Administration

Finance Director Iyanna Holmes 202-994-2220
Fiscal Coordinator Dorry Edwards 202-994-8295

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Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Associate Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jim Chung 202-994-9135
Program Associate Stephanie Asher 202-994-5911
Program Assistant Jasmine Marie Bautista 202-994-2780
Administrative Assistant Maquita Irvin 202-715-4753
Director, DC I-Corps Dan Kunitz 202-994-5383
Associate Director, I-Corps at GW Dave McCarthy  
Director, Student Entrepreneurship Lex McCuster 202-994-5383
Associate Director, Student Entrepreneurship Programs Scott Stein 202-994-9875

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Technology Commercialization Office

Managing Director Steve Kubisen 202-994-8394
Senior Licensing Associate Brian Coblitz 202-994-4345
Operations Coordinator Amara Conteh 202-994-5866
Licensing Associate Jerry Comanescu 202-994-8975

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HR Client Partners

Human Resource Director Robyn Jones 202-836-0683
Human Resource Manager Nidal Khaznadar 202-880-4879

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