Export Controls: Forms

Export Controls Assessment Questionnaire (DOC)
This questionnaire is for use by any member of the university community in assessing U.S. export control issues in general. For those activities related to research projects, the faculty/staff member and/or Principal Investigator (PI) for a research project is the person most qualified to provide information necessary to determine whether the activities are subject to restrictions imposed by export control laws.

Nuclear Research Checklist (DOC)
This questionnaire is to assist the university in assessing whether nuclear-related research activities will involve any technology, services, software, or commodities that are subject to U.S. export control laws, including:  Department of Energy’s Part 810 Regulations, Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Part 110 Regulations, Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and the Department of State’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Certification on the Handling of Export Controlled Information
Recipients of export controlled technical data may be held personally liable for disclosures to unauthorized foreign persons. As a result, members of the university community must take reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure to and use and access of export controlled technical data by unauthorized, unlicensed foreign persons.

When it is determined that activities or projects involve export-controlled data, information, or technologies, faculty members, researchers, and staff are required to attest to implementation of such controls by completing a Certification on the Handling of Export-Controlled Information which is made available only through OVPR Export Control.

Support for Travelers

Faculty, Staff and Students travelling abroad who may have any equipment, technology, computers or personal devices with information, data or technology subject to export controls should first contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-4948 or email [email protected] for information and support. Please include the country of destination, any specific requirements in terms of application or systems access and the purpose of the visit.

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Training Requests:
Export Control training for departments, labs, projects or individuals is available upon request by contacting Joyce Webster.

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