The GW International Research Program – Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program:

The GW International Research Program aims to encourage and support original research of the highest quality and new collaborations.  Program funds may be used for travel and travel-related living expenses only and projects will be funded to a maximum of US $5,000 for one year.

Projects designed to generate new research strategies, collaborations and seek external funding will receive the highest priority.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Who is eligible to apply?

The GW International Research Program considers projects jointly submitted by active-status faculty/researchers who are continuing in service at GW the following academic year and a professor/researcher with a permanent affiliation with a non-U.S. research institution or institute of higher learning. Eligibility for this intramural program is the same as that for extramural funding which can be found in the Sponsored Projects Handbook (PDF).

What do Program Funds Cover?

The program funds may be used for travel-related living expenses only. 

The Program does not support pay for release time for faculty. Grants cannot be used to purchase equipment. The program cannot be used to pay student or post-doc salaries or stipends, or to cover everyday living expenses that would be incurred regardless of the project.  Program funds should also not be used to attend conferences or workshops.

Do I need to have an international collaborator already identified?

Yes, the Program requires that you already have an international collaborator identified.

How do I submit an application for Program funds?

The complete proposal must include the following documents merged into a single file and in the order indicated below.   Your proposal must be submitted as an attachment to an email sent to and should be in PDF format. The attachment is not to exceed 9 pages.

Proposal Components

1. The application form found here.

2. A description of the project, including a timetable for completion, not to exceed ONE page. The description should indicate how the project contributes to scientific knowledge and research methods within the applicants’ fields; the nature of the collaboration proposed; the involvement of junior scholars (detailing their names and roles in the project); the proposed impact of the collaboration, both in scientific terms and institutionally; and how results of the proposed collaboration (e.g. preliminary findings) will be incorporated into a proposal for external funding.

3. Letters of intent, from each of the GW and International project collaborators indicating their commitment to work together and to observe a proposed calendar of expenses. The letter should describe prior work with the proposed collaborator, the collaborator’s role in the project, and what resources each partner will bring to the project. Each letter may not exceed ONE page.

4. A detailed budget, indicating a breakdown of the budget request by category (airfares, lodging, etc.) and an account of other sources of funding (potential and actual)—not to exceed ONE page.

5. A curriculum vitae of each project collaborator not to exceed TWO pages each.

What is the Review Process?

Applications to the GW International Research Program will be reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee named by the Vice President for Research.

A key consideration in the selection of funding recipients will be the probability of the collaboration to secure extramural funding.



The GW International Research Program

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