The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) supports research at the George Washington University (GW) through various initiatives, support programs and funding opportunities.

Research Centers and Institutes

GW is home to more than 70 research centers and institutes that contribute to the university’s missions of discovery, scholarship and service. These chartered research organizations span all ten of GW’s schools and many spur innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

OVPR Faculty Awards

GW and OVPR are committed to encouraging and supporting excellence in research and scholarship and recognizing those who have accomplished it.

Intramural Funding Opportunities

OVPR sponsors various intramural funding competitions throughout the academic year.

Illustrate Your Research

OVPR and Communications and Marketing have collaborated to support the creation of illustrations that meet appropriate criteria. Images and graphics attract attention on a page, can serve as artwork for magazines, journals and news outlets and enhance an audience’s understanding of the information in a story.