Research Days 2013

April 2-3, 2013

All undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, as well as faculty and residents are invited to participate in this annual two-day event showcasing their research, creative scholarship, and cultural discovery through poster sessions, presentations and guest speakers.


Announcement of Winners

April 2 Winners April 3 Winners
    First Prize: Gordon Yu
    Second Prize: Colleen Tan
Creative Arts
    First Prize: Kristina Cole
    Second Prize: Sara Snyder
    First Prize: Kate Berry
    Second Prize: Donna Richardson
    First Prize: Jenny Li
    Second Prize: Damon Conover
    First Prize: Hope McCaffrey
    Second Prize: Gabriella Angeloni
International Affairs
    First Prize: Kim Ouillette
    Second Prize: Madeleine Wright
Natural Sciences
    First Prize: Julian Sacca-Schaeffer
    Second Prize: Jaishri Atri
    Third Prize: Hakim Walker
Social Sciences
    First Prize: David Pomeroy
    Second Prize: Jeff Messina
    Third Prize: Alexander Etz
School of Medicine & Health Sciences
    First Prize: Viktoria Elkis
    Second Prize: Benjamin Hammond
    Third Prize: Tyler Bradley-Hewitt
Institute for Biomedical Sciences
    First Prize: Tim Hammond
    Second Prize: Pete Nghiem
    Third Prize: Kristin Ceniccola
School of Nursing
    First Prize: Andrea Spatarella
    Second Prize: Lynn Peters
    Third Prize: Michael Kinan
School of Public Health and Health Services
    Best Poster by a Masters-Level Student
        Ghenet Besera
    Best Poster by a Doctoral Student
        Derek Licina

Winners: Contact to make arrangements to collect your prize. Congratulations!

AGENDA - APRIL 2, 2013

AGENDA - APRIL 3, 2013

Research Days Vendor Showcase

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APRIL 2, 2013 APRIL 3, 2013

Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Sciences and Other Topics

Health and Medicine Topics (inc. Biomedical Engineering), Presented at the 18th Annual Research Day Symposium

Deadline: 2/24/13
Deadline: 2/24/13
Call for Abstracts Call for Abstracts
Abstract Instructions Abstract Instructions
Format for Abstracts Format for Abstracts

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