Research Integrity

The George Washington University (GW) is committed to promoting the highest standards of ethical research and scholarly conduct while pursuing its research mission. Anyone at GW that is involved in conducting or supporting research shares the responsibility for achieving this goal. The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) partners with members of the research community to ensure that our research programs comply with all federal, state and local regulations and university policies.

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Administrative Offices

Office of Animal Research

The Office of Animal Research (OAR) supports the highest standards of humane care and use of laboratory animals for research and teaching purposes and assures compliance with university and federal guidelines.

Office of Human Research

The Office of Human Research (OHR) is the administrative support office for the George Washington University (GW) Institutional Review Board (IRB). The GW IRB is responsible for the review of all research activities that involve human subjects (in accordance with federal regulations). The OHR provides institutional oversight for all human subjects research activities conducted by GW affiliates (faculty, students, or employees), under the auspices of the university.

Office of Laboratory Safety

The Office of Laboratory Safety (OLS) is responsible for radiation safety and biosafety in research areas for the university and the medical center. This oversight includes the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).