UFF Recipients FY 19

FY19 Recipients

Research Awards

PI Name Proposal Title Department Name
Alekseyev, Max
U-SPAdes: Improving the Assembly Quality of Large Genomes
Atia, Mona
Economic, Social, and Environmental Contexts for Disease Emergence
Geography and International Affairs
Blomster, Jeffrey
Embodiment and Aesthetics of Ancient Mexican Figurines
Briscoe, William
Building the CLAS12 RICH Detector – an Hybrid Geometry for Nuclear Studies
Clark, James
Exploring for Dinosaurs in the Western Gobi Desert of China
Biological Sciences
Engstrom, Ryan
Mapping Poverty from Space Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery
Grayfer, Leon
Immune Determinants of Amphibian Susceptibility and Resistance to a Viral Etiological Agent of the Amphibian Declines
Biological Sciences
Guiriec, Sylvain
Developing an Automated Pipeline for Gamma-Ray Burst Analysis in the New Era of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Hayes, Danny
Reinvigorating Interest in Local News: An Experiment
Political Science
Licht, Stuart
A Simple, New Carbon Negative Footprint Chemistry to Produce Graphene
Massiah, Michael
Characterizing the MID1, Alpha4 and UBR5 Interactions as Target for Cancers
O'Halloran, Damien
Elucidating a Novel Secretory Pathway for Axon Guidance Molecules
Biological Sciences
Pittman, Delishia
 An Investigation of a Mobile Recruitment Strategy Aimed at Increasing Black College Women's Participation in Sexual Health Research 
Counseling, Human and Organizational Studies
Shirrell, Matthew
Building Capacity for Teacher Improvement: Educational Infrastructure and Accomplished Teachers' Work-Related Social Networks
Educational Leadership
Zderic, Vesna
Low-intensity Ultrasound for Control of Cardiac Electromechanics: a Mechanistic Investigation
Biomedical Engineering

Scholarly Awards

PI Name Proposal Title Department Name
Alonso-Gortari, Paula
A Concise History of Argentina
Bamford, Heather
Unprinted: Marginal, Spiritual, and Magic Manuscript Cultures
Romance German & Slavic Languages & Literatures
Blecher, Joel
Profit and Prophecy: Islam, Capitalism, and the Spice Trade
Cuellar, Manuel
Cinematographic Renditions of a Dancing Mexico:  Folklórico Dance and the Moving Bodies of a Festive Nation
Romance German & Slavic Languages & Literatures
Dallek, Matthew
Shock Troopers: The John Birch Society, the GOP, and the Making of Modern Conservatism
Graduate School of Political Management
Duff, Paul
Paul and the Corinthians: the History of their Relationship 
Eisen, Robert
The Jews--A Success Story: How an Oppressed Minority Survived Centuries of Persecution and Thrived in the Modern West
Esseesy, Mohssen
Contemporary Business Arabic Textbook
Classical & Semitic Languages & Literatures
Ken, Ivy
The Missing Memphis School
McAlister, Melani
Keep Biafra Alive! Popular Humanitarianism, the Nigeria-Biafra War, and the Work of Memory
American Studies
Mitchell, David
Disposable Humanity
Riedner, Rachel
Writing Programs in a Neoliberal World
University Writing Program
Szakonyi, David
The Costs of Electoral Fraud: How Voters Respond to Manipulated Elections
Political Science
Westwater, Lynn
Disease, Murder, Conspiracy, Death: The Perilous Diplomacy of Ippolita Maria Sforza in late Quattrocento Italy
Romance German & Slavic Languages & Literatures
Yun, Jung
O Beautiful: A Novel