UFF Recipients (FY22)

FY22 Recipients

Research Awards

PI Name Proposal Title Department Name
Cohen-Cole, Jamie
How does STEM Develop?
American Studies
Payman Dehghanian GW Campus Microgrid: A Software-Interactive Architectural Platform for Smart Grid Education, Research Demonstration, and Outreach Electrical & Computer Engineering
Leon Grayfer Successes and Shortcomings of the Amphibian Immune Response Against the Deadly Chytrid Fungus Biological Sciences
Ling Hao Development of Mass Spectrometry Strategies to Decipher Dynamic Lysosomal Microenvironment Chemistry
John Helveston Measuring Consumer Preferences for Used Alternative Fuel Vehicles Engineering Management & Systems Engineering
Moses Kansanga Leveraging Agroecology for Food Security in Indigenous Communities in the United States Geography
Sandy Kawano Comparing the Biomechanics of Underwater Walking in Salamanders to Model Early Tetrapod Locomotion Biological Sciences
John Lill Cascading Effects of an Ecological Pulse: Indirect Effects of the 2021 Brood X Periodical Cicada Emergence on a Temperate Forest Ecosystem Biological Sciences
Meina Liu Culture, Communication, and Mental Health: Dismantling Stigma for Asian American Immigrant Families Organizational Sciences & Communication
Xitong Liu Understanding and Controlling Interfacial Phenomena for Selective Electrochemical Lithium Extraction from Oil and Gas Wastewater Civil & Environmental Engineering
Luyao Lu Novel Self-Healable, Stretchable, and Transparent Microelectrode Arrays Biomedical Engineering
Damien O'Halloran Chemogenomic Approach to Identifying GPCR Drug Targets in Hookworm Biological Sciences
Omur Ozel Toward a Real Time Intermittent Information Updating Paradigm in Energy Harvesting Wireless Networks Electrical & Comupter Engineering
Jimmy Saw Investigating the Roles of Steam Vents in the Early Evolution of Phototrophs Biological Sciences
Danmeng Shuai Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Transmission via Fomites: Indoor-Light-Powered Effective and Self-Cleaning Photoreactive Coatings for Biomedical Applications Civil & Environmental Engineering
Francys Subiaul Assessing Social Learning in Children: Social and Executive Learning in Early Childhood Task (SELECT) Battery Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Akos Vertes Expanding the Exposome Analytical Tool Chest Chemistry
Tomas Williams The Demand for Government Bonds: Evidence from Index Rebalancings Economics
Xiaoke Zhang RKHS-Based Covariate Balancing for Functional Treatments in Observational Studies Statistics

Scholarly Awards

PI Name Proposal Title Department Name
Douglas Boyce Harmonium Music
Theodore Christov The Turn to Rights: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination History & International Affairs
Andrea Dietz Support Structures Exhibition Design
Matthew Eich The Invisible Yoke and Say Hello to Everybody, OK? Photojournalism
Elise Friedland Classical Washington: Greece & Rome in the Art and Architecture of DC Classical & Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
Cory Jorgensen Rappin’ in Medieval Iraq: The Arabic Insult Poetry (Flytings) of Jarīr and al-Farazdaq Classical & Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
Alexa Joubin Staging Transgender Shakespeare Onscreen English
Loren Kajikawa Music Departments, Hip Hop, and the Challenge of Significant Difference Music
Laura Schiavo Dioramas Retooled Museum Studies
Ning Yu Solo Album "Of Being" HD Film Version Music