U.S. Dept. of Defense: Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)

The Office of the Vice President for Research, Research Enhancement Unit invites you to an opportunity to engage with and hear from the lead scientific officers from the Department of Defense, Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Program. Scientific officers Dr. Rebecca Fisher, Program Lead for Military-Focused Research and Dr. Gayle Vaday, Program Lead for National/Military-Relevant Programs will present and engage with faculty about CDMRP’s current priorities, mission, structure peer and consumer review process and the application process. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Vaday will also discuss how CDMRP differs from other funders and how its priorities may intersect with other initiatives.

The CDMRP‘s currently funded research programs include Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Autism, Breast Cancer, Epilepsy, Lung Cancer, Healthcare Professionals’ Performance/Skill, Alzheimer’s Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The CDMRP originated in 1992 via Congressional appropriation to find and fund novel approaches to biomedical research in response to the expressed needs of its stakeholders. The CDMRP fills research gaps by funding high impact, high risk and high gain projects that other agencies may not venture to fund. All of the programs managed by the CDMRP share the common goal of advancing paradigm shifting research, solutions that will lead to cures or improvements in patient care, or breakthrough technologies and resources for clinical benefit. The CDMRP strives to find and fund the best research for the benefit of the American public, military personnel, and their families. 2015 funding for CDMRP-managed peer-reviewed programs ranges from $3.2 million - $247.5 million.

This extramural funding workshop is open to the metropolitan D.C. research community to include universities and other agencies. To attend, please RSVP to [email protected] with the subject "CDMRP" or to RSVP.

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