PI Dashboard

Welcome to the Principal Investigator (PI) Dashboard!

The Office of the Vice President for Research has partnered with the Division of Information Technology to provide Principal Investigators with powerful online tools to access personalized award information. The research community can use these tools to make more informed project decisions by viewing financial and human resources information about awards at summarized and detailed levels.

Due to the sensitive nature of the PI Dashboard's data, access is secured and must be granted for each individual user. To request access to the PI Dashboard, please send an email to pidash@gwu.edu with your:

  • Full Name
  • GW NetID

Those who already have access may use their GW NetID credentials whenever prompted to log in.

If you are accessing this page from outside of the GW network, you must establish a secure VPN connection before being able to log into the PI Dashboard. Please visit this page to sign into VPN first: https://vpn.gwu.edu/


Interactive Visualizations

Interact with visualizations about grants and awards.Interact with charts and graphs that feature an overview list of your awards, plus the ability to view a breakdown of award expenditure details with the percent spent of each expenditure category's budget.

Summary and Detail Reports

Drill through tables about grants and awards.

Access summary and detail information in a table format. Please note, this link will take you to a separate GW site where you can log in with your GW NetID. Reports show a list of awards at the summary level with the ability to drill down into details on budget, encumbrances, and actuals.


Your feedback is important! If you have any comments or questions about the PI Dashboard, please send your thoughts to: pidash@gwu.edu  


The Principal Investigator's Dashboard

The Principal Investigator's Dashboard from GW Division of IT on Vimeo.

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