Data Use Agreements

If you have a requirement for a Data Use Agreement (DUA), please complete the DUA Intake Form to initiate a review. Please also see the helpful information below.

What is a Data Use Agreement (DUA)?

DUAs are legally binding contracts between GW and another executing party providing for the transfer of data from the provider organization to the recipient organization.

In general, any sharing of “restricted use” data requires an agreement between the providing party (owner of the data) and the receiving party (data user).  Failure to follow DUA terms could result in significant liabilities including possible criminal sanctions as well as impacting other rights of the parties involved.

What is OVPR's role?

OVPR reviews the terms of proposed DUAs so that the data may be accessed and used as soon as an appropriate Data Management Plan has been approved.

To request a proposed DUA or to submit a DUA for review and approval, please complete the DUA Intake Form. Please contact OVPR with questions.

Applicable Policies

Information Security Policy: All university members have the duty to protect university data from unauthorized generation, access, modification, disclosure, transmission or destruction. Certain data require specialized protections, and some of these protections may be provided through data sharing/transfer agreements generally referred to as Data Use Agreements (DUAs) with other parties.

Keeping data secure - Data Management Plans

What is a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

DMPs are generally required by data providers to document and address all requirements for protecting the data. GW requires a review and risk assessment of the plan for how incoming data will be securely stored on, or accessed by, GW systems or investigators.

DUAs generally impose specific security standards and risks on the receiving party hosting the data, which are addressed in a data management plan (DMP). 

Helpful Resources in Developing a DMP

The GW Libraries have excellent Data Management resources, including a DMP tool to help develop a DMP that will meet the requirements of various funding agencies. The Data Services Librarian is available to discuss your data management needs.

DMPs and DUAs

As part of the DUA review and approval process, the Division of Information Technology's Office of Risk and Compliance (DIT Compliance) will review your DMP and render a determination as to GW’s ability to comply with the technical requirement(s) of the DUA and further approve the adequacy of the DMP. When your DMP draft is ready, please upload it along with the proposed DUA, or send it to [email protected]. Once the DMP is approved by DIT Compliance, the DUA can be signed and the data can then be accessed and used. 


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