Limited Submission Process

The Research Enhancement Unit of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research oversees the selection process for limited submission opportunities.

If an investigator identifies a funding opportunity which limits the number of submissions, they should immediately notify [email protected]. Participating in an internal competition is required in order to submit a proposal to a limited submission opportunity.

Selection Process

  1. The Research Enhancement Unit (REU), or its designee, opens an internal selection process.
  2. REU publicizes the opportunity. Notifications are sent to deans, research deans and the GW research community that include details on the opportunity, sponsor, funding amount, sponsor deadline, directions for the pre-proposal process and the deadline for the internal competition.
  3. Following the competition’s deadline, copies of each school’s submissions are shared with the appropriate research dean.
  4. A review committee is convened. Committee members may include leadership of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, deans, research deans, GW faculty, university administrators and external experts, as appropriate.
  5. Submissions are evaluated to decide which submission(s) will move forward. Key considerations include alignment with the funder’s criteria, the university’s strategic priorities and a proposal’s chance of being funded.
  6. Research deans and key stakeholders are notified of the committee’s decision.
  7. The selected PI(s) are authorized to prepare and submit a full proposal by the sponsor’s deadline.
  8. For federal limited submission opportunities, REU may provide proposal consulting and editing services.