CDRF Recipients (FY24)

Recipients of Cross-Disciplinary Research Fund Awards in FY24

Principal Investigators Project Title Departments

Huynh-Nhu Le, Jennifer Keller

Perinatal Suicidality: A Mixed Methods Study  Psychological and Brain Sciences; Obstetrics and Gynecology
Vesna Zderic, Aleksandar Jeremic Ultrasound Modulation of Circadian Rhythm        Biomedical Engineering; Biological Sciences
Adnan Hyder, Babak Sarani Gun Violence and the Industry (GUNVIN) Global Health; Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Stephen Mitroff, Patrick Mufarrij Individual differences in the susceptibility to burnout Psychological and Brain Sciences; Urology
Miguel Lejeune, Payman Dehghanian Resilience to Environmental Stressors in Rural Localities: Stochastic Emergency-Response Network of Mobile Wind Turbines Decision Sciences; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gina Adam, Natalie Milman Design and evaluation of a virtual reality cleanroom simulator Electrical and Computer Engineering; Educational Leadership
Hui Lu, Rahul Simha  Investigating the Interplay of Circuit Dysfunctions in Rett Syndrome Mouse Models using Advanced Dual-Window 2-Photon Imaging Pharmacology and Physiology; Computer Science
Xiaoke Zhang, Ethan Porter Regularization of Recommender Systems and Click-Bait Algorithms in Social Media Statistics; School of Media and Public Affairs
Pedro Jose, Ling Hao Role of renal neuropeptide FF receptor type 2 in the regulation of sodium transport in the renal proximal tubule Renal Diseases and Hypertension; Chemistry
Luyao Lu, Ling Hao Multifunctional platforms for on-chip high-precision multiparametric electrical and optical probing of cell activity Biomedical Engineering; Chemistry 
Payman Dehghanian, Mukes Kapilashrami Establishing a GW Research Platform for Promoting an Equitable and Sustainable Green Economy Electrical and Computer Engineering; Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Rhonda Schwindt, Laurie Posey Video-based Standardized Patient (SP) Simulation to Improve Interdisciplinary Healthcare Providers’ Ability to Provide Affirming Care to Transgender and Gender Diverse People Policy, Populations, and Systems; Emergency Medicine