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Who is eligible to apply to the UFF?

To be eligible, faculty must be:

  1. Regular full-time University faculty, including Research faculty serving as PI (as defined by the Faculty Code) who are continuing in service at the University the following academic year.
  2. PI must be in a school other than Law School, SMHS or GWSPH. Faculty members in the Law School, SMHS and the GWSPH cannot serve as the PI but may be listed as an investigator.

Each application must have only one Principal Investigator (PI) listed who will be the sole contact for the application and/or award. A faculty member may submit only one proposal as the PI and may not designate another faculty member to serve as PI. An award for consecutive years for the same project is permissible if sufficient progress and justification for continued funding is demonstrated.

Are research faculty eligible to apply?

Yes, research faculty are eligible to apply. UFF will support salary for research faculty serving as PI, but is capped at 25% of project funding.

Are faculty who are or will be on sabbatical eligible to apply?

Yes, faculty who are or will be on sabbatical are eligible to submit an application.

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When are proposals due?

Thursday, November 18, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

What Signatures are required for my application?

Department chair of the PI approves through the letter of support.

What Letters of Support are required for my application?

The UFF requires that your department chair write a letter of support. PI’s must submit their department chair’s letter of support with their proposal via InfoReady. It is the PI’s responsibility to obtain the letter of support in advance of the application deadline. If the submitting faculty member is a department chair, then a senior faculty member or dean should complete this statement. This letter will also serve as the departmental approval for the proposal. Letters of support are not required from co-Investigators. 

Is there a page limit?

The maximum page allotment is 13 pages. More information on what should be included in each component can be found in the University Facilitating Fund FY23 Call for Proposals linked in the right column of this page.

May I request more than the funding limitation?

No, budget should not exceed program funding limitation. The funding range is $5,000-$20,000 and awards are typically less than $15,000 each.

May I repackage an unfunded project formerly proposed to an extramural sponsor?

Yes, but consider the following: The intent of these intramural funds is to spur research that could not otherwise be funded by extramural funding, but is critical to obtain external funding. For example, a sponsor may not fund very risky pilot projects or new laboratory techniques. Therefore, a PI may submit a UFF application to develop measures or techniques, or to analyze data, the results of which would be used to apply for that funding. 

What if the IRB process prevents my project from being completed within one year?

In planning the timeline for your project, it is essential that the IRB process be considered as the funds will be available only during FY22, i.e. July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Are appendices or references allowed to be attached in the application?

Supporting information may be provided with a maximum of one (1) page; however, this optional information may or may not be taken into consideration by reviewers evaluating your applications.

Should I include indirect costs in my budget?

No. This is not an external project, overhead/indirect costs are not allowed.

Do members of the OVPR Sponsored Projects team need to review my application?

No. This is not an external project and does not need to be approved by the OVPR.

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How do we submit applications to the UFF?

PI’s are required to submit their UFF applications through InfoReady.

Who submits the proposal through InfoReady?

The person listed as PI must submit the proposal through InfoReady.

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Review & Notification

How will proposals be reviewed?

Awards will be based on the merits and design of the project and on the clarity of the written proposal. Reviewers are active GW researchers who are assigned to proposals at random. Upon submission of reviewers' scorecards, the proposals will be ranked and assessed by specialty panel reviews in scholarly and research categories. If the application is missing major components by the proposal deadline, the proposal will not be reviewed. 

When will the decisions be sent to the PIs?

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research will finalize awardees and notifications of winning proposals will be sent to PIs by Spring 2022. 

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