UFF Recipients (FY24)

Recipients of the University Facilitating Fund Awards in FY24

PI Name Proposal Title Department Name
Elise Friedland Untold Narratives of Classical Washington: Native Americans, Blacks, and ‘Others’ in the Federal Art and Architecture of  DC Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 
Lynn Westwater Rebel Nun: Arcangela Tarabotti, Feminist Heretic in Counter-Reformation Italy Romance, German and Slavic Languages & Literatures
Chet'la Sebree turn (w)here: a Black woman's route to rootedness in America English
Melani McAlister The Art of Solidarity: The US Market for Third World Culture in the Late Cold War American Studies
Heather Stebbins Sound With[out] Place: A New Immersive Performance and Interactive Installation for Piano and Spatial Audio Music
Yonatan Lupu Information Technology, Repression, and Dissent Political Science
Daniel Hayes Local News and Democratic Accountability Political Science
Douglas Boyce Perfidia / Sonata for violin and piano Music
Liana Chen Amateur Theatre-Making Beyond Leisure: The Reshaping of a Chinese Operatic Tradition in Taiwan East Asian Languages and Literatures
David Mitchell "Disposable Humanity" Post-Production Proposal English
Kavita Daiya Race, Caste, and Freedom in South Asian America English
Manuel Cuellar Border Masculinities, Queer Migrancy, and the Bad Hombre Latinx Romance, German and Slavic Languages & Literatures
Cayo Gamber Memorializing the Persecution of Homosexuals and Queer Activism Today in Germany University Writing Program
Luyao Lu Wireless stretchable and multimodal microelectrode arrays for neurochemistry and electrophysiology Biomedical Engineering
Alicia Cooperman Urban Politics and Local Accountability: Legislative Behavior in the Global South Political Science 
Payman Dehghanian Enhancing Resilience of the National Power Grid against EMP Attacks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Leon Grayfer Empowering an amphibian model of tuberculosis Biological Sciences
Michael Hankinson Persuading Veto Players to Cede Control: Evidence from a Housing Referendum  Political Science
Zhengtian Xu Modeling and Analysis of On-Street Parking Systems with Urban Delivery Civil and Environmental Engineering
TIffany Bisbey Uncovering the Consequences of Low Voice Receptivity for Underrepresented Groups at Work Organizational Sciences and Communication
Olivia Bullock Legal jargon, misattribution, and judgments of blame:  Evidence from a mixed-methods, multi-part study Organizational Sciences and Communication
Kylie Quave Past for the Future: How Anthropologists Construct Disciplinary Norms in the Introductory Course University Writing Program