OVPR Teams

Research Administration

Strategic support for all OVPR units and the research community, including sponsored projects, research development, core facilities, data management and analysis, human resources related to research, divisional finance and budgeting, cross-disciplinary initiatives, communications, systems/applications innovation, and general operations.

  • Pamela Norris, Vice Provost for Research
  • Gina Lohr, Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research and Administrative Dean, Virginia Science & Technology Campus

Research Enhancement Unit

Advancing research by helping investigators expand and diversity sources of sponsored research funding, develop competitive proposals, and facilitate collaboration for large, complex and multi-disciplinary projects.

Office of Sponsored Projects

Institutional review and approval of extramural proposal submissions; receives, accepts, and administers sponsored research awards; negotiates contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and other sponsored agreements on behalf of the university; and provides central oversight and stewardship for sponsored projects administration at GW.

GW Nanofabrication and Imaging Center

University-wide core infrastructure that integrates state-of-the-art microscopy instrumentation and a Class 100 cleanroom.

Program on Extremism

A leading research center on all forms of extremism, spearheading innovative and thoughtful academic inquiry, producing empirical work and developing pragmatic policy solutions that resonate with policymakers, civic leaders, and the general public.

Research Innovation

Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Programming around innovation, education, venture creation, and making connections to support GW entrepreneurs and the Mid-Atlantic startup community.

Research Integrity and Compliance

Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

Provides guidance, assistance and training in the responsible conduct of research and works to support the scholarly community to insure all regulatory and sponsor requirements are met especially with regard to export controls, financial conflicts of interest, research misconduct and data transfer/sharing

Office of Human Research

Responsible for the review of activities involving human volunteers and administrative support for GWs Institutional Review Boards (IRB).

Office of Research Safety

Ensures safe laboratory environments for students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars; compliance with applicable federal and local regulations in all areas of laboratory safety; administratively supports the university’s Institutional Biosafety Committee and Radiation Safety Committee; conducts laboratory inspections; and provides training in laboratory safety and shipment of hazardous materials.

Review Boards for Protected Subjects and Materials