Limited Submission Opportunities

Sponsors sometimes limit the number of grant applications that an institution may submit in response to a funding opportunity. These opportunities are known as "limited submission" or "limited proposal" opportunities. In such cases the Office of the Vice Provost for Research will initiate and conduct an internal competition to determine the proposal(s) that may move forward and to ensure that the university submits only the allowable number of proposals.

If you identify a funding opportunity with such limitations, notify [email protected] immediately. Participating in an internal competition is required in order to submit applications to limited submission opportunities.

If you have questions about limited submission opportunities, e-mail [email protected].

Current Limited Submission Competitions

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research utilizes InfoReady to manage intramural funding opportunities and the selection process for limited submission opportunities.

Visit the OVPR InfoReady portal

If you are interested in applying to a limited submission opportunity that is not listed in the InfoReady portal, please contact the Research Enhancement Unit ([email protected]) as soon as possible.