Improvement Initiatives

The Office of Sponsored Projects has launched a series of collaborative initiatives aimed at improving research administration processes and reducing administrative burden on researcher.  More information about our current initiatives is detailed below.

Realigning Research Support Services (RRSS)

The Realigning Research Support Services initiative (RRSS) is a collaboration between the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) and the schools that focuses on providing more consistent, predictable and available support for sponsored projects administration within the Schools, helping to create a structure that would facilitate the growth of research at GW.  We completed a successful pilot phase where seven School Research Administrators were hired in three schools to assist PIs with initiating research transactions. OSP and the schools are now in discussions to expand this collaboration and further clarify roles and responsibilities of research administration staff.  As part of this initiative, the Office of Sponsored Projects has developed training to coach local administrators on everything from proposals through award closeout.

Award Setup Improvement

Once the university receives notice that an award is being funded, there are many steps to get the award fully negotiated and set up in the university’s financial and payroll systems so that PIs can start spending on the award. The Office of Sponsored Projects deployed electronic workflow tools to facilitate more automated transfer of data between university systems and is working to streamline the award setup process and reduce the time from award notice to setup.

Research Hiring Improvement Initiative

In response to faculty and staff concerns about research hiring practices, University Human Resources and the Office of Sponsored Projects are partnering to improve hiring workflow processes, timeliness, and communication. We have heard concerns about posting, hiring, and onboarding post docs, research scientists, research associates and assistants. To help us understand the scope of problems and implement improvements, please escalate all hiring challenges, questions, or concerns directly to Kimberly J. Wilson, Executive Director, HR Client Services, Research, Schools and Academic Support.

If you have additional questions regarding these initiatives or would like to contribute, please contact Megan Dieleman or