Sponsored Projects Training

The following trainings have been designed for Local Administrators (administrators) and/or Principal Investigators (PIs) and cover everything from submitting a proposal through closing out an award. These are offered by the Office of Sponsored Projects and the Research Enhancement Unit at various times throughout the year. Please note scheduled trainings in the Events section, on the right side of this page. If you would like to request a training for your school, institute or department, please e-mail us with a request.

Cayuse Electronic Proposal Routing

Cayuse 424 is a web-based tool used for the internal routing of all sponsored projects proposals. This training will cover logging in, uploading documentation, the various data fields and what needs to be completed, and reviewing and approving proposals in Cayuse. Cayuse trainings are facilitated by Assistant Director for Pre-Award Management, Monique Foxx. 

Pre-Award Grant Development Boot Camp

The Pre-Award Grant Development Boot Camp is an intense workshop to prepare you for the grant proposal process. The workshop includes all aspects of grant proposals, from planning your application to preparing and submitting your proposal, regardless of whether you are targeting federal, local, or foundation sponsors. The Grant Development Boot Camp is presented by OVPR and the CTSI. 

Proposal Budgeting

Monique Foxx, Assistant Director of Pre-award Management in GW's Office of Sponsored Projects, will walk through budget planning and preparation for a sponsored project. She will include helpful tips along with a budget template.

Post-Award Award Management Boot Camp

The Post-Award Award Management Boot Camp is presented by the Office of Sponsored Projects, GCAS, HR, Research Integrity & Compliance, and Procurement & Travel Services. The Boot Camp is an intense workshop to prepare you for effective, accurate management of sponsored projects/awards. The workshop includes what you need to know regarding hiring personnel onto sponsored projects, purchasing equipment and supplies, initiating agreements, research integrity, financial management and reporting, and award closeout. It touches on a number of facets of the award management process and highlights available resources to provide support throughout the process.

PI Dashboard

The PI Dashboard is a powerful electronic tool for managing sponsored projects. It allows you to see the latest expenditures, spending trends, labor reports, alerts, encumbrances and more, related to sponsored projects you manage or assist in managing. Requests for training on the PI Dashboard should be made to a Postaward SPA or to Assistant Director of Post-Award Management Alma Starks. They will walk you through the PI Dashboard, highlight tips and tricks, and answer any questions you may have related to this award winning tool.

2015 - 2016 Early Career Faculty CAMP Series

The “Career Advancement and Mentoring Program” is a 6-session training series designed to assist in developing key career enhancement skills for both early career faculty and postdoctoral fellows.

Sessions Include:

For more information or to RSVP, please contact resnews@gwu.edu.