Research Centers & Chartered Research Institutes - By Alphabetical Order

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African Studies, Institute for

Aging, Health, and Humanities, Center for

Applied Developmental Science & Neuroeducation, Center for

Asian Studies, Sigur Center for

Astronomy, Physics, and Statistics Institute of Sciences

Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute

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Biomedical Sciences, GW Institute for

Biostatistics Center

Brain Health and Dementia, Institute for

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Capitol Archaeological Institute, GW

Center for Health and Healthcare in Schools

Center for Law, Economics and Finance (C-LEAF)

Center for Social Well-Being and Development

Competition Law Center

Complex Litigation and Civil Procedure, James F. Humphreys Center for

Computational Biology Institute

Computer Graphics, Institute for

Corporate Responsibility, Institute for 

Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute

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Data, Democracy and Politics, Institute for

Data Sciences, Institute for

Disaster and Fragility Resilience, Institute for

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Economic Research, Center for

Emergency Medicine, Ronald Reagan Institute of

Environmental and Energy Management Institute

Ethnographic Research, Institute for

European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Institute for

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Family Violence Law Center, National

Fitzhugh Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity

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Global Food Institute

Global Women's Institute

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Health Care Quality, Center for

Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research, GW Center for

Health Policy and Media Engagement, GW School of Nursing Center for

Health Policy Research, Center for

Human Paleobiology, Center for the Advanced Study of

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Injury Prevention and Control, Center for

Integrating Statistics in Decision Sciences, Institute for

Intellectual Property Studies, Dean Dinwoodey Center for

International Economic Policy, Institute for

International Science and Technology Policy, Center for

Intersectionality, Equity Research and Policy, Institute for



The Collaboratory: A Center for Jewish Education


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Korean Studies, GW Institute for

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Massively Parallel Applications and Computing Technology, GW Institute for (IMPACT)

Materials Science, Institute for

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute, GW

MEMS and VLSI Technologies, Institute for

Middle East Studies, Institute for

Mind-Brain Institute, GW

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Nanotechnology, Institute for

Neuroscience, GW Institute for

Nuclear Studies, GW Institute for

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Patient-Centered Initiatives and Health Equity, Institute for

Public Diplomacy & Global Communication, The Institute for

Public Policy, The George Washington Institute of

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Racial, Ethnic & Socioeconomic Equity, Institute for

Regulatory Studies Center

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Security and Conflict Studies, Institute for

Solar Institute, GW

Space Policy Institute

Spirituality and Health, GW Institute for

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Urban and Environmental Research, Center for