Illustrate Your Research

OVPR and External Relations (ER) have collaborated to support the creation of illustrations that meet appropriate criteria.  Images and graphics attract attention on a page, can serve as artwork for magazines, journals and news outlets and enhance an audience’s understanding of the information in a story.

Initial applications will be accepted and reviewed by OVPR and ER on a rolling basis and qualified submissions should be approved within one week of receipt. The GW team facilitating illustrations will review approved projects, facilitate the interaction of the researcher(s) with the artist or designer, and integrate efforts across offices in this endeavor. Artwork will be finalized with approvals from OVPR, ER and the researcher.


  • The researcher has submitted a proposal and shared all relevant information with sufficient lead time to create art.  Submission must occur at a minimum of 5 full weeks prior to:  submission of a manuscript to a journal (for consideration as cover art) or public release of information.
  • The manuscript will be submitted to a highly prestigious or widely read journal (examples: Nature, Science, The Lancet, PNAS) or illustrations will support highly interdisciplinary projects.
  • The topic area or discovery is highly influential and/or of interest to a broad audience, and likely to have a large impact on the scientific community or on society; mainstream media coverage is likely.
  • Audiences would greatly benefit from visual representation or graphics that help tell the story.




Illustrating Your Research Resources

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Project Doesn't Meet Criteria?
We can still facilitate illustration services. Please contact Shane Seger or Lisa Van Pay for more details