Campus-wide Research Administration Groups


Faculty Senate Research Committee

The role of the Faculty Senate Research Committee (FSRC) is to represent and advocate the point of view of all university faculty members who engage in research activities, in those matters that relate directly to these activities.

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Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Executive Research Oversight Committee (EROC)

The Executive Research Oversight Committee (EROC) is chaired by the Vice Provost for Research and includes the Provost; the Senior Vice President and General Counsel; the Controller; the Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences; and the Dean of Milken Institute School of Public Health. Additional invitees include the Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research; the Associate General Counsel; the Associate Vice President for Ethics, Compliance and Privacy; the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (as needed based on topic); and the Associate Vice President for Research Integrity (as needed based on topic). This group convenes regularly to provide oversight, leadership, and counsel for the research enterprise.

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Council for Research Administration (CRA)

The Council for Research Administration (CRA) is co-chaired by the Associate Vice President and Controller, the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Planning and Strategic Initiatives and the Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research. CRA meets twice a month to discuss items related to research administration including policy, processes, compliance, finance, technology, data management, internal controls, and the impact of federal regulations. Members include representatives from research, finance, information technology, academics, faculty affairs, libraries, general counsel, and GW’s internal auditors. Meetings vary from strategic discussions to process updates to working meetings. Guests are invited as needed to provide additional input on specific topics.

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Research Leadership Council (RLC)

The Research Leadership Council (RLC) is chaired by the Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research and comprises the Research Deans from each of the schools and the Associate Vice President for Research Integrity. The group meets monthly to discuss matters related to the research enterprise including new programs, processes, and policies as they relate to research, scholarly work, sponsored projects, and research integrity. Partners from across the university—from information technology, human resources, faculty affairs, the libraries, financial support and services, and general counsel, etc.—are invited to present as appropriate.

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Advisory Council for Research (ACR)

The Advisory Council for Research (ACR), chaired by the Vice Provost for Research, is charged with evaluating the charter proposals for the university’s research centers and institutes, and participating in the review of applications to intramural funding competitions. ACR is made up of approximately 35 faculty members from across all GW schools. They are nominated by their respective Deans. The council meets periodically over the course of the academic year to fulfill its obligations.

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Collaborative Research Administrators Group (CRAG)

CRAG is a group open to all research administrators across campus including departmental, school, and central units. Meetings are coordinated and facilitated by the Office of Sponsored Projects, but topics are proposed by its members. Experts from various units across campus that intersect with research administration are invited to present. Examples include the Office of Sponsored Projects, Office of Human Research, Grants and Contracts Accounting Services, Division of Information Technology, Human Resources, Procurement, Payroll, etc.

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